What’s a Sports Massage?

All over these posts, we’ve talked about the advantages of getting a massage if you’re feeling tense after work or just stressed-out from your everyday life. But, what to do if you need a massage to improve your performance while practicing a sport? A sports massage is the perfect answer to this question. This type of massage concentrates on helping athletes before, during, and even after a sports event. Are you planning on running a marathon? Well, a sports massage must be a crucial part of your training. Do you want to know more about this treatment? Then you should keep reading.

This massage helps in relieving areas of the bodies that might be under a lot of stress due to a specific sport. Many athletes accumulate tension on their legs (i.e. runners or soccer players). A sports massage can occur pre-event or post-event, meaning a therapist applies the massage before or after the event. If it’s before, the massage will last around 15 to 45 minutes. Now, if the massage is applied post-event then it can be done an hour or two after the athlete has finished playing.

A sports massage can be restorative, this means is applied during the training. A restorative sport massage allows the athlete to train harder without injuring. Additionally, this type of massage can be used for rehabilitation. If an athlete has suffered an injury, then a sports massage can be helpful in the recovery.

If you’re planning to run a marathon you should have into consideration that a sports massage appointment can’t be done the day before your event. In this discipline, a sport massage’s top time to be applied is two days. Why? Because you can’t do a marathon if your joints feel sore from the massage. Additionally, you should look referrals for an expert in the area. Never do a sports massage before a marathon with an amateur.

Tips on Selecting the Right Eyelash Technician

An essential aspect of any woman is her beauty. While many are not born perfect, plenty of things can be done to go as near to perfectness as possible. It is this thought that drives most woman to a beauty studio and parlor and demand the best beauty expert trained in his art to do the job. It is only the best hair stylist that is trusted to cut and color your hair. Intensive research is done before any woman walks into a certain beauty studio. The same thing applies to eyelash extensions. Not everybody is trained the same way. A wring technician is bound to do more harm than good. The following tips would help you nail the right eyelash extension technician.

Check the certification and training

The lash industry is growing at an incredible pace. Thus, it is not uncommon that almost every beauty salon will offer you lash extension service. What is doubtful is whether they are knowledgeable about proper application, technique, safety and sanitization methods. Opting for inexperienced and untrained last stylists might just turn your beauty saga into a nightmare. Thus, before anything else, you need to verify that the stylist is certified and packs a decent amount of experience.

Pay heed to social media and word of mouth

Always research the studio as well as the technician well before you walk into it. Today, Social media is a treasure house of information. Any good technician will not hesitate to show off his exemplary work by posting pictures on social media. Likewise, if you spot any client flaunting killer eyelashes after opting for eyelash extension service, you can inquire about the technician. Nothing speaks louder about the technician than his work.

Studio and consultation

It is best that you do not assign the extension job to just about anybody. Ensure that you are having a consultation session with the technician before you let him do the job. Have a detailed conversation with him and gauge his knowledge, nature, helpfulness, suggestion etc. Observe if he was genuinely helpful in selecting the right extension for you or he was just pushing for a sale. Simultaneously move your eyes around the salon. Check out the hygiene, supplies, safety and sanity procedures etc. Do not hesitate to ask any queries or doubts that you may have.

Check  the pricing

We all want to save some bucks but the price list is also indicative of the technician skill. No technician would sell his skill cheap. The price should be as per the market’s competitive rate or even slightly higher than it. If the cost is too low or too cheap; you should get suspicious and tread extremely carefully.

The first session

Once you have nailed the right technician and ready for the first session; watch out his preparation and advice. He would prepare you for the session ahead as well as drool out plenty of advice on how to take care of them best. This should come irrespective of the fact that the client might already be familiar with eyelash extension and have experienced it in a different salon before. In case it is missing, things are not sitting right and you need to rethink your decision.

Wrapping up

Selecting the right eyelashes extension technician is the fundamental decision which will make or break the deal. Thus, if you desire those perfect eyelashes to flaunt, you cannot go casual about this decision and choice see us at http://www.eyelashogden.com/

Various Types of Massage Therapy

Our present stressful and fast-paced lifestyle has created an intense need to rejuvenate ourselves periodically. It is not always possible to go on a vacation or a weekend getaway. This has made massage therapy grab the attention and it is fast becoming popular like never before. In every nook and corner, you see various spas and massage parlors springing up and offering you a wide array of massage types. Let’s throw light on some of the common kind of massages for you to choose and pamper yourself with.

Swedish therapy massage

A modality of massage, it is the most basic massage that any newbie can opt for. Primarily aimed to induce deep relaxation in the entire body; it is done using massage oils and smooth gliding long and short strokes. Other techniques employed are circular motion and slight pressure with hands and palms, percussion-like tapping, kneading and bending. Not only does it eliminates stress but also increases the oxygen flow in the blood, improves circulation and flexibility as well as decreases the muscles toxins.

Deep tissue massage

It is like a more intense version of the Swedish massage. It uses the same movements and techniques but a higher intensity of pressure to release chronic muscle tension. Here the deeper tissue structure like the muscle tissues, tendons, and fascia surrounding the bones, joints and muscles are targeted. More focused in nature, it is highly efficient in releasing chronic muscle tension or knots which are also referred to as adhesions. During this one hour session, one might experience pain as the tension is broken down and made to leave the body. However, the relaxation and lightness induced after the massage make the pain completely worthwhile. It is a terrific way to rejuvenate after a week of hard work.

Aromatherapy massage

This massage is also on similar lines of Swedish massage.  However, here the oils used for massaging the body are infused with pure essential oils like lavender oil, chamomile oil, peppermint oil, geranium oil etc.  Each essential oil has its own therapeutic properties. Not only they spread a wonderful aroma and are easily inhaled by the nose but they also get seamlessly absorbed by the body during the massage. The massage yields maximum benefits only if high quality, therapeutic essential oils are used. The massage works wonderfully not only for general physical and mental well-being but also for conditions, like headache, migraine, insomnia, back pain, digestive disorders and even in premenstrual syndrome.

Sports massage

This massage is specifically meant for athletes. The massage techniques employed here are specific to the sport, the athlete is involved in. Based on specific sports, the massage is designed to reduce fatigue, improve endurance, increase flexibility and even ward off injuries so that the athlete can stay in top physical condition and drool out optimum performance. It is a life-saver for anyone suffering from chronic pain, recuperating from injury or facing problem with range-of-motion.

Hot stone massage

Along with oil and various massage techniques, hot stones, usually of basalt are placed at specific acupressure points and then a gentle massage is done with them to induce a deep relaxation. This massage requires great skill and expertise and should be taken from a high-skilled expert only. One should definitely keep this in mind when in the market for a couples massage.

Wrapping up

There are various other massages that are of higher intensity and can be opted for once you get comfortable and confident with these basic massages. Done right, they are a heavenly treat which leaves you feeling sublime and utterly relaxed.

Things You Need to Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has been increasingly getting favored as the fastest and easiest way to get all your unwanted hair out of the way. A growing number of people are opting for it over traditional methods like shaving, waxing, plucking etc. However, before you go in for the laser treatment session, you need to prepare yourself for it. Here, we give you a run-down of some details that you need to be aware of about this treatment. Check it out:

Be careful about choosing the right laser operator

This is perhaps the most vital consideration. It is imperative that you select a board certified and experienced laser expert. The right person will have a consultation session with you first in which he would run down on your skin tone, type, hair color, your medical history, current medication etc. before deciding on the best laser hair removal treatment for you. A wrong choice might have an adverse effect on your skin and can cause complications.

Start preparing for the session from a month before

After consultation, you should book a laser treatment session after a minimum of a month’s gap. During this time, you should stop all medicines that are photosensitive. They can cause complications. In case, you cannot stop the medication; you must push the appointment for a later time.

Stop all treatment before and after laser hair removal session

Waxing, plucking, using depilatory creams or bleaching are all processes that should be stopped at least a month before your first appontment and preferably throughout the treatment phase. The reason for this is that they would eliminate the hair or make them light. Both conditions would make laser beams ineffective on them.

Stay away from sun


This is another precaution that you should start taking at least a month before the appointment. This is because the color of the skin has a deep impact on the treatment. A tanned skin would make the process ineffective and painful. You need to be out of the sun post-treatment as well since the sun rays can cause skin irritation as well.

Shy away from tanning lotions, creams etc.

For about 48 to 72 hours before treatment, you must stop using any suntans or creams, lotions etc. on your skin. It is also a smart idea if you stay indoors so that your skin gets in an ideal condition for the treatment.

You must shave before the treatment

While waxing is not allowed, you need to shave before you go in for laser treatment. Ideally, it should be done a day before or at least 8 hours before the appointment. This gives the skin enough time to recuperate from the shaving session and prepare itself for the laser session.

Be prepared with pain precautions

Even though the procedure is relatively painless, it cannot be taken for granted. Different people respond differently to the laser beams. Some might not feel anything except a twinge while others might experience an intense pain. People with dark skin or coarse hair often feel a higher degree of pain. To be prepared, you can choose a numbing cream or take an oral anti-inflammatory pill about half an hour before the appointment. It’s best if they are prescribed by the consulting doctor before the treatment.

Book your appointments around your periods

It is always advisable not to go for laser treatment during your periods. This is because your skin is more sensitive at that time and you might experience a higher degree of pain than usual. If required, adjust your appointments around your period. Else be prepared with some pain management options.

Final Words

Laser hair removal yields a fantastic and long lasting result if executed in the right way with proper care and precautions. They can end your stubble struggle to almost negligible. A little effort is all that is required for an amazingly smooth and hair-free skin to flaunt.